Biz Globe with the worthiness of business concept creates wider business communities and the greatest capability in industrial space. Gemopolis’ benefits and the first One-stop service will help your business to set up and simultaneously get the most impressive benefits at the lowest investment in Thailand.

About office station, the project is developed under “The worthiness of steps of business” that utilize all assets to build the greatest capability in industrial space as Gempolis’s aim for creating wider business communities from various foreigners around the world.

To set up your business and simultaneously expect to get the most impressive benefits at the lowest investment in Thailand, this office Station, called “Biz Globe” is your answer. Thus, your business will be easily succeeded by our benefits and the first One-stop service industrial estate in this innovative space of Gemopolis.

You will get Benefits…

  • Easy Business Startup in Thailand

  • Low Initial Investment

  • 100 % Foreign Shareholdership

    As Gemopolis is the unique industrial zone, the company that is operated and owned by foreigners can fully operate with confidence and safety in Thailand.

  • Easy Work Permit

    An expatriate in Thailand will be allowed to apply 2 years renewable work permit without any requirement from the general law of the immigration department.

  • One Stop Service Providing

    For more convenience about the processes of regulations, government and customs procedures will be managed by services of office station, such as company establishment and commercial registration together with others allowance license.

  • Supporting Facilities

    Office station also comprises many services, including High-speed WiFi, front-desk and guest reception, meeting and conference room, mail handling as well as kitchenettes and cleaning service which will completely facilitate businessman and their guests.